6th Generation iPad Homologation Certificate (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

Anatel approves the Wi-Fi + Cellular version of the sixth generation iPad [atualizado]

That was even quick! Less than a month after its official announcement, the 6th generation iPad – with Apple Pencil support – is already officially approved by National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). Or a version of it, at least.

Already painted in the agency’s system the approval of the version Wi-Fi + Cellular of the new tablet, model A1954. Here is the certificate:

6th Generation iPad Homologation Certificate (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

Here, two photos of the unit sent to Anatel for analysis:

The sixth generation iPad already appears on the Apple Brazil website and its prices are already known – R $ 2,500 and R $ 3,000 for the 32GB and 128GB Wi-Fi versions, respectively, or R $ 3,200 and R $ 3,700 for the Wi-Fi versions. + Cellular.

We still don’t know exactly when they will be available for purchase here, however – although it shouldn’t be long, since the other model of the tablet is approved by Anatel. We’ll be connected.

Update May 02, 2018 at 18:49

The Wi-Fi version of the sixth-generation iPad was also approved by Anatel.