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Anatel approves the new MacBooks Pro

The new ones MacBooks Pro ? with and without Touch Bar ? were announced at the end of October and immediately Apple released their prices on the Brazil, although not available for purchase.

This is because the new machines needed approval from the National Telecommunications Agency, what just happened. Anatel approved the three models of MBPs, identified by codes A1706, A1707 and A1708.

Here is one of the Technical Conformity Certificates, as an example:

Homologation of the new MacBook Pro by Anatel

The rest of the documents and photos of the products sent for approval will only be published by Anatel after the MBP?s official arrival in Brazil, which can now happen at any time.

That?s because, recently, Apple has managed to prevent Anatel from publishing these files on their systems ahead of time:

Homologation of the new MacBook Pro by Anatel

As soon as the new MBPs are in fact available for purchase in Brazil, we will notify you here on the website.