Anatel approves the iPhone XS Max

Until it was quick: just three days after sales of iPhones XS / XS Max in the first wave of countries, today he has painted in the system of the National Telecommunications Agency the registration of approval of the largest model, of 6.5 inches.

Here is the Homologation Certificate of model A2101:

iPhone XS Max at Anatel

As we have already confirmed a few days ago, Apple will bring to Brazil the European / Asian models of the new iPhones, which support the band 28 (700MHz APT) of the national 4G.

Although the approval of the iPhone XS Max has already been issued by Anatel, we still do not have access to the documents sent by Apple, nor to the photos of the unit evaluated by the agency. In addition, obviously, the approval of the iPhone XS has not yet emerged, but that should happen soon.

Along with the iPhone XS Max, Apple has also obtained approval from Anatel for numerous battery models used in it and in its smaller brother, identified by the codes 616-00499, 616-00514, 616-00505, 616-00507, 616-00508, 616-00502, 616-00506, 616-00512, 616-00256, 616-00341, 616-00253, 616-00251 and 616-00250. It is quite normal for Apple to work with several suppliers of this component, and all models need to be properly approved.

It is our hope that, with this agility, the new devices will be launched in Brazil next month. Although, with the dollar as it is, their prices shouldn't be uninviting šŸ˜•

tip from Cesar Cardoso