Anatel approves purchase of GVT by Telefónica

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With a strong interest in the purchase of GVT, controlled by Vivendi, Anatel has just approved and ratified the sale to Spanish Telefónica. Telecom Itália controls TIM Brasil and has Telefónica as its main shareholder. In Brazil, the company will be responsible for the two main mobile phone operators, in addition to GVT.

gvt tv 1GVT will be part of Telefónica. / © GVT Press

Some exceptions were requested by Anatel for the purchase to take effect. Telef√≥nica will have 18 months to surrender its rights related to Telecom‚Äôs management, and will have no power over TIM. Telef√≥nica‚Äôs shares are expected to be transferred to Vivendi, as part of the agreement for the sale of GVT. Capital was also imposed on Vivendi in connection with Telef√īnica Brasil‚Äôs operations. The total sale is 4.66 billion euros, which will be consummated after both companies comply with Anatel‚Äôs recommendations.

We still do not know how the management related to the services provided by Telef√īnica Brasil will be, after the merger between the companies. It is estimated that with the completion of the operation, Telef√≥nica will add more than 30 thousand customers to its base. The use of the brand and the completion of migrations between services and products, will take place in up to 2 years.