Anatel approves iPhone 6 Plus in Brazil

Anatel approves iPhone 6 Plus in Brazil

After almost 1 month of the iPhone 6 launch, Anatel finally started to approve the device. For now, only the iPhone 6 Plus received the endorsement, and the smaller iPhone 6 shouldn’t take too long either.

The good news is that the approved model is the A1522, the same sold in the USA. It is expected that for the iPhone 6, the model will be the A1549, and with that, the devices bought there will have a valid warranty here in Brazil.

iPhone 6 Plus australia

The models sold in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East are of a different model, so if you bought or plan to buy an iPhone 6 Plus in these locations, please be aware that the warranty will not be valid here, unfortunately.

Interestingly, in the images approved for the iPhone 6 Plus, there are two models of chargers: the compact, commonly used on the iPhone, and a larger one, 10W, which usually comes with the iPad. It is worth mentioning that the iPad charger is more powerful, and you can use it on the iPhone without any problem, with the advantage of it charging even faster.

iPhone 6 Plus australia

As the battery of the iPhone 6 Plus is significantly larger than that of the smaller model, it makes sense to put a more powerful charger, so that the recharge does not take so long.

It is also worth noting that, apparently, the model announced will not be manufactured in Brazil. The document lists a factory in China, unlike the iPhone 5S and earlier models, which provided the address of a factory in JundiaĂ­.

iPhone 6 Plus anatel

The fact that the smartphone has been approved here does not indicate that its launch in the country is close, so you can’t get excited.

However, the approval solves a problem that has happened in recent days: sites like Mercado Livre and were removing ads from iPhones 6, as it is illegal to sell devices that are not yet allowed to operate here. Now, if you can’t stand to get your hands on an iPhone 6 Plus, it should not be long before offers appear on the internet again.

The information is from the iPhone Blog.