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Anatel Approves Apple Watch Series 5 with 10.2 ″ Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad and Connectivity

Apple Watches (GPS models) have already been approved by National Telecommunications Agencyas well as the 7th generation iPad (Wi-Fi model). Now, finalizing all approvals of the last releases of Ma, Anatel issued certificate for the Apple Watches with Cellular Connectivityas well as for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model of the tablet 10.2 inches.

Approved products, as expected, were the A2156 (Apple Watch with 40mm connectivity), the A2157 (44mm model) both sold in Europe and Asia and the A2198 (10.2 ″ Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad) .

Here are the certificates of the three devices:

With this, all of them are now ready to be sold in Brazil in the case of Apple Watch, this was even announced by the company, which chose the day. October 25 as the release date of the new generation of the watch here.

The Apple Watch Series 5 has not yet had its prices released; Already the 7th generation iPad, as we report, will be sold from $ 2,999, reaching $ 4,899 in the most complete model.