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Anatel Approves Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS), 10.2 ”iPad, and More iPhone Batteries [atualizado]

THE Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) is really running at full throttle: after homologating the iPhones 11/11 Pro and subsequently the 11 Pro Max, the agency today issued the approval necessary for sale on the national territory of the Apple Watch Series 5 It's from new iPad.

The approved models of the watch are those equipped with only GPS: A2092 and A2093. So far, the versions GPS + Cellular have not yet appeared on Anatel's website, but considering the pace of things this should happen very soon.

The state-of-the-art iPad (with 10.2 ″ screen), in turn, was approved only in its version. Wifi (A2197); As with Apple Watch, cellular connectivity should slow Anatel processes a bit and the most expensive device might take a few more days to paint on the rgo website.

Finally, three more iPhone batteries have been approved in this latest round of certifications. Your codes are 616-00641, 616-00659 and 616-00651, but we have no way of knowing which identifiers represent components of each iPhone. The fact that Anatel has already approved nine Different batteries for smartphone in recent days.

In the end, what matters is that the road to national launch of products is clear now, it all depends on Apple Brazil.

Update 9/23/2019 7:02 PM

Anatel today approved three more batteries of the new iPhones, identified by codes 616-00640,616-00643e616-00644.