Apple iBeacon - Certificate of conformity

ANATEL approves Apple iBeacon, a product that will be used only in the company’s stores

Who here remembers Apple iBeacon? When product documentation came up with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission, “American ANATEL”) we raised three possibilities, the first of which is the most plausible (which would be a device developed by Apple to be used only by it in its Retail Stores).

After that, the FCC itself released the manual for this product, indicating that we would hardly see it being marketed openly to consumers. The proof of this came this week, when the ANATEL approved the iBeacon to be used here in Brazil.

Apple iBeacon - Certificate of conformity

In addition to the traditional documents involved in such an approval, such as the certificate of conformity [acima]manual [PDF] and external photos of the device [PDF], there is also an explanatory document with the following words:


This product will be used exclusively by Apple in its stores (Apple Stores) and, therefore, will be handled and installed only by authorized and trained personnel.

The product will not be marketed in Brazil.

As conversed with Leonardo from ANATEL, we are not assigning an EAN / GS1 number to the product and we are only sending the manual in English due to the reasons explained above.

Kind regards,

Philip Cunha

Apple iBeacon

In addition to the confirmation that it is not a commercial product, there is the explanation of seeing only the product manual in English.