Anatel analyzes the possibility of limit on Internet franchises again


In the first half of 2016, Internet users revolted at the possibility of an internet with limited access. Such practice is common in mobile connections (3G / 4G) here in Brazil, and companies would like the rule to be valid for broadband internet.

THE franchise limit it is something common in other countries, but looking at Brazil, we see that the reality is quite different. With modern infrastructure and attractive prices, countries that have the limit on data traffic in broadband, have affordable prices, faster download and upload speed and several options for internet providers.

A delicate subject

THE Claro Brazil asked the Anatel, the body responsible for regulating matters relating to the country’s telecommunications, which to reevaluate the possibility of limit on fixed internet franchises.

The group responsible for Claro Brasil, NET and Embratel, claims that such a measure would be necessary to avoid the high financial costs. The infrastructure, according to them, is overloaded, and for better provision of services to customers, the measure would be necessary.

One of the biggest problems of the limitations imposed by the government in relation to competition, in a freer market, a company unable to serve the public loses customers, goes bankrupt, but in a cartelized model like this, it is easier to change the rules of the game so as not to spending on infrastructure and continuing to profit (a lot) even without offering a better service.

«With such changes in regulation, the commercialization of fixed broadband would allow companies to operate with greater freedom, fostering competition and improving services», claims Claro Brasil.

In 2016 Anatel promised to analyze the matter by the end of 2019 and issue an opinion on whether the rules would be adapted or not.

And what do you think of this subject? Would the possibility of fixed internet franchises be a means to modernize the infrastructure of broadband providers in Brazil? Or do you believe that the situation would worsen for the consumer, without investment in the Brazilian internet?

Leave your point of view in the comments, but be polite. Being a sensitive subject, totally opposing views can appear and learn from different opinions and arguments is a great mental exercise.