Analysts bet on iPhone without notch with Touch ID under the screen coming this year

Analysts bet on iPhone without notch with Touch ID under the screen coming this year

And the recurring rumor is back: the Dutch website LetsGoDigital reproduced this week a bet by bank analysts Credit Suisse, who believe that Apple will launch, in 2020, a new iPhone flagship without clipping (notch) and with Touch ID under the screen.

In other words, this means (in their opinion) that Apple will abandon the Face ID and it will return to the authentication system by means of a fingerprint – since, at least with current technologies, the Face ID TrueDepth system does not fit in a thin frame of the device and does not work under the screen.

A possible return of Touch ID using ultrasonic technology under the screen it’s been talked about for a long time and I think it’s perfectly possible as a second biometric authentication system on the device, either to provide even more security for users or simply to serve as alternatives for certain times when it makes more sense than authentication by the face.

What I don’t see happening at all is Apple abandon Face ID.

And it is not for the sake of “pride” or Apple to avoid, for example, admitting that it was wrong to bet on the new technology; simply because that is not the case here.

Face ID really works sensationally, it is very practical, fast and secure.

Are very rare people who actually use (or have used) Face ID who say they would prefer to go back to Touch ID.

Something that would be possible, yes, is the arrival of a new, more affordable iPhone model that uses a Touch ID under the screen instead of Face ID – which is different from removing the technology from the models flagship.

The problem in this case, in my opinion, would be the confusion that the line would cause in the consumer – after all, undeniably, a model without notch it would at least appear to be more modern than a com.

In short, rumors surrounding the biometric system of future iPhones are still somewhat obscure.

In view of all this that has been circulating around, I really think it is likely that, in 2020 or 2021, we will see the return of Touch ID – now under the screen; but I believe here that he wouldn’t come to * replace * Face ID, that doesn’t make any sense to me.

“IPhone 12 Pro” concept

Since we are here discussing the future iPhones, check out a new concept of “iPhone 12 Pro” created by Hasan Kaymak that shows a notch smaller / more subtle with a new rear camera system including a rumored ToF sensor (Time of Flight):

He also envisioned a design with flattened corners (à la iPad Pro) and a strong red color, which would probably be part of the (PRODUCT) RED campaign.

What about?

via 9to5Mac, iClarified

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