Analyst suggests strong growth potential for Mac after last quarter results

According to Charlie Wolf, an analyst at Needham & Company, the wave of good news for the Mac is still going strong after the last fiscal fourth quarter results announced in late January. Although the company reached the end of the period with 5% of the personal computer market in terms of units sold, the revenue generated from the sale of Macs represented 10.5% of the total amount handled in the period with this type of electronics.

Such representativeness tends to vary between certain regions of influence in the world, although the most important value is global representativeness. However, there is no way to highlight the good moment that Apple is going through in Europe with the sales of Macs, being the most promising continent for it, besides America.

In countries like France, Mac sales are estimated to grow 43.5% annually, placing Apple as the fifth largest computer manufacturer in the country. But for all European countries, only the Mac has shown positive numbers on the market.

Worldwide, the Mac grew 32% year over year in December, against 16.9% of the industry average. In general, this should be causing a positive feeling for Apple in all the markets in which it operates with its computers, but, on the other hand, it is strange that it still gives privileges to those where it has greater representation with its stores (even if they are responsible for attracting 50% of visitors from the Windows world), instead of offering more benefits to areas with enormous long-term potential such as emerging countries, similar to Brazil.

(via BusinessWeek)