Analyst Says We Will See Two iPhones With OLED Displays And Enhanced Steel Frame In 2018

Ming Chi Kuo His head is already fully on the 2018 iPhones. After stating that the Touch ID will be wiped out of the line as a whole next year and that the rear cameras of the upcoming models will not count on TrueDepth technology, our favorite KGI analyst Securities returned to the public with another note to investors giving (generally accurate) hints about the future of Ma's smartphones.

IPhone X Plus Render“IPhone X Plus” concept next to iPhone X

According to Kuo, in 2018 we will see two models with OLED screens and stainless steel casing, and although the analyst doesn't specify this part, it seems to be that he is talking about an “iPhone X Plus”: a model with the same design paradigm introduced by iPhone X, but with a larger size and a screen that goes beyond 6 inches.

He also predicts that the new 2018 iPhones will come with a revamped steel structure: if the iPhone X uses four parts that together form the side of the device, Kuo claims that these new devices will come with even more parts, possibly to enhance the signal reception of the device. The suppliers responsible for the parts of these future iPhones would be Taiwanese Catcher Technology and Casetek.

Anyway, we still have a long way to go before we see these predictions come true (or not) after all, iPhone X is still taking its first steps and having a whole year to win the hearts of consumers (or not, too).

via 9to5Mac