Analyst says that the “iPhone 8” launch schedule is on schedule; device would be launched in three colors

Analyst says that the “iPhone 8” launch schedule is on schedule;  device would be launched in three colors

In further evidence that we can change our name to “IPhone8Magazine” in the coming days, we already have more speculation about the fabulous fate of the future flagship of Apple smartphones. Now, it is the turn of everyone’s favorite analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo, from KGI Securities) to give a few more pointers on the subject.

According to the expert, who usually has very reliable information from within Apple – or from Apple’s partners – and makes very accurate predictions, the «IPhone 8» will be announced in September with his two most modest brothers (who, it seems, will be called «IPhone 7s» and “IPhone 7s Plus”). More importantly, it will hit the shelves of the world with them too, sometime in late September or early October!

Comparison between the iPhone 7, the “iPhone 8” (mockup) and iPhone 7 Plus

These are reassuring news, considering recent rumors that Apple is having problems with the production line of its most expensive smartphone and that its launch could be delayed by a few months. However, not everything is a reason to celebrate: according to Kuo, the quantities of «iPhones 8» available at launch would be extremely limited, ranging between 2 and 4 million units available to consumers.

Perhaps the cut-out screen is proving more difficult to manufacture than expected? Nobody knows, but the professional says that these numbers will rise rapidly and Apple will be able to produce around 45 to 50 million units by the end of the year. By the way, while the “iPhones 7s / 7s Plus” are already being assembled at full steam in Asia, the “iPhones 8” would only start production in mid-September, which would explain the scarcity of devices available at launch – everything this, of course, in Kuo’s words.

In addition to the launch date, the analyst also says that the “iPhone 8” will be launched, not surprisingly, in three colors: black, silver and gold; that is, it will not be this time that we will see a new and spectacular color on the Apple smartphone (apparently, no “golden copper”).

And to conclude, Kuo also said – contrary to information from himself – that all models launched in 2017 will support fast charging technology, even though consumers may have to pay extra – buying a higher power wall adapter and a Lightning to USB-C cable, as is the case with the iPad Pro.

Yeah, my friends, my time is coming …

via AppleInsider