Apple may launch iPhone with Touch ID under screen in China

Analyst says "iPhone 8" will not have fingerprint sensor on screen

Fasten your seat belts, because our friend Ming Chi Kuo spoke again and perhaps to the displeasure of many or all!

The very well-informed analyst of KGI Securities published your 10 predictions for the new iPhones. Some have on the list we have heard enough rumors; But there is news, also not necessarily good.

Last week we reported that Chinese manufacturer Vivo announced in partnership with Qualcomm a smartphone with the first fingerprint reader built into the screen. Well, if the Chinese manufacturer has already achieved this feat, it is easy to think that Apple would already have similar technology ready for this year's device, the supposed “IPhone 8”. However, as a bucket of cold water, Kuo stated that we will not see an on-screen fingerprint reader on the iPhone in 2017 and explains his position:

We think there are still some technology challenges to address, including: 1. Scanning capacity still has room for improvement; 2. is slower to enable; and 3. the response is slower.

He mentions that a thinner than normal screen will be required, as well as flexible OLED screens to function. This means that it may take a little longer than expected for something like this to hit the market.

In addition, he corroborated some other rumors: according to Kuo Apple released, yes, three models of iPhones. Two of them would be just an upgrade to the similarly-designed 7/7 Plus iPhones, remaining with the same LCD screen and inches (4.7 ″ and 5.5 ″). Already the third model, called for now "iPhone 8", comes with a 5.8 OLED screen. Kuo stated that this model has the best screen utilization on the market, thanks to the “cut” of the top; At the bottom, we will have a virtual Home button, resulting in basically 5.2 ″ of screen next to a new “function area”.

Kuo also chorus with other rumors that the OLED model would have a 3D face recognition sensor, in addition to listing that it has stainless steel casing and glass with fewer color options and bring improvements to the narrow sound balance in the US. loudspeakers. Already the models "7s" and "7s Plus" would have aluminum frame and glass rear.

As March pointed out by Kuo himself, the three models would have Lightning doors; At the other end (cables and wall adapters), we have USB-C technology for faster charging. Internally, the "iPhone 8" and "7s Plus" would have 3GB of RAM, while the "7s" would come with 2GB. In storage, all would have options of 64GB and 256GB. Finally, Kuo said the three models will be announced in September, but the "iPhone 8" would actually hit the market shortly thereafter, with limited production by 2018.

One thing I do know: Apple would not launch anything with half-assed operation, let alone take from its biggest release something as primordial as Touch ID today for both rapid authentication and integration with services like Apple Pay. Therefore, if Ma really launches a device with the Virtual Start button, there would necessarily have to be a fingerprint sensor somewhere other than on the screen. Would she adopt a sensor on the back or the on / off button as a "hole plug" without seeing a real future for this new location? I find it difficult

Maybe this is my opinion Apple is working on three models because it knew the risks of not getting a fingerprint technology on the screen; so if it definitely doesn't work or works in an unsatisfactory way, they may not even advertise this third model, yet

As always, we'll have to wait and see. 🙃

via 9to5Mac