Dow Jones sources confirm Apple netbook with touchscreen

Analyst says Apple will launch netbook at this Macworld Expo 2009

The rumored powerhouse for Macworld Expo 2009 doesn't stop! Today, analyst Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research Inc. said he strongly believes that Apple will enter the netbook market next month.

Apple's announcement may link the iTunes product and / or App Store in some way, as much as it does with its closed iPhones and iPods businesses. The idea of ​​expanding the market to more than simple internet browsing, involving applications and services (including full integration with MobileMe), is nothing short of a thing.

Apple Netbook

Such a model could justify the launch of a Mac that generates low profit margins in the commercialization of the hardware itself, but in such a way that all this would be compensated by the software ecosystem.

Gottheil guarantees, however, that his information is speculative. He predicts not one, but two models of Apple netbooks at the event in early January, which would help to highlight the company in the midst of the current economic crisis. Their expectation that they will reach stores in mid-2009, costing around $ 600.