Analyst predicts the arrival of two Apple tablets, one 6-inch

The possibility of Apple launching a tablet in an event that should happen next month is practically ruled out, but new reports and speculations about it are still emerging. The ball comes from BusinessWeek, which cites reports by analyst Richard Doherty on the availability of the new product in two formats, one with a 6-inch screen.

New iTablet mockup

This would basically be an iPod touch (or something with more features than that, who knows?), While the second model would already be bigger although we don't know the exact size. Prototypes of both would already have been produced, and the decision to launch or not would already be in Steve Jobs' hands.

For Doherty, tablets are far more popular than any other topic in Asia, and he still believes that such an announcement will come soon. It turns out that the list of possible news for the next Apple event is practically defined, and it is difficult to fit the context of a tablet in the midst of so many releases for the music industry.

Finally, it provides configurations with prices equal to or greater than US $ 670. The simplest would come with the iPhone OS, while the larger models would come with Mac OS X, which certainly makes a lot more sense within the concept of a tablet, thanks to the technologies that the system has for free hand writing. None of this, however, would impede the popularity of the smallest for multimedia content and games.

The size offerings are within the different display models that Apple has tested in recent years to build tablets. Thus, the largest is likely to have a 12-inch display, being able to behave naturally like a Mac.