Analyst predicts sales of two million iPads this year, jumping to six million in 2011

In a note sent to customers on Wednesday morning, Charlie Wolf, an analyst at Needham & Company, said he expects Apple to sell two million iPads in fiscal 2010.

According to him, at least half of the total consists of users that would probably buy iPod touch.

For 2011, the total suggested could jump to six million units.

Even so, Charlie believes that the iPad is still waiting for a “catalyst” responsible for accelerating its sales.

In the case of the iPod, the catalyst was the opening of the iTunes Music Store and the opening of the product to the Windows world, in 2003.

For the iPhone, it was its software development kit (SDK) and the opening of the App Store, in 2008.

It is not yet known what will happen to the iPad.

The two markets with the greatest potential for the iPad, in Charlie's view, are education and health.

The analyst envisions students accessing (academic) textbooks using the Apple tablet, as well as doctors and nurses using it to take “relevant and valuable information” about patients with them.

(via AppleInsider)