Analyst predicts drop in sales of Macs and iPods in April

Analyst predicts new iPod shuffle for 2009, plus cheaper iPhones and MacBooks

Craig Berger, an analyst at FBR Capital Markets, yesterday revealed in a note to his customers a forecast of some launches that Apple could make in the first half of this new year. According to him, this quarter we will see the third generation of iPod shuffle, as well as cheaper MacBooks and iPhones.

iPod shuffle, MacBook and iPhone

There has not yet been strong speculation about what the new iPod shuffle would look like, but the AppleInsider says that it would be based on the current design, but much thinner – enough for the headphones output -, assuming an oval shape similar to that of the nano 4G and with a structure made of material similar to that used in the production of credit cards.

In addition, Apple may also present an iPhone model even cheaper than the current one, but not necessarily in the form of an “iPhone nano” as suggested by some mockups that go around the city. Instead, it could just be a low-cost model without some features considered "unimportant", like large storage capacity and GPS, for example.

Finally, Berger believes that Ma's line of notebooks is close to winning a new member. However, he does not believe it to be a netbook, however it would be sold at a more competitive price, consequently offering great cost / benefit. Not wanting to fuel a new speculation, a fact that if Apple is considering including a dechip option in the 17-inch MacBook Pro update quad-core, it would be convenient to update the white MacBook, which currently sells for $ 1,000.

For now, I can only guarantee that there are six days until the first round Apple news for 2009.

(Via: AppleInsider.)