Analyst predicts Apple’s $ 600 netbook; Hackintoshes spread

Analyst predicts Apple's $ 600 netbook; Hackintoshes spread

Broadpoint AmTech analyst Brian Marshall told his customers yesterday that he believes Apple will launch a netbook / tablet this year, even though its executives deny rumors and investors worry about conflict between lines, opening up the possibility of cannibalizing sales of one or the other.

Brian says that Apple needs to keep growing in the market and to win more market share and increase your earnings by revenue, ?must compete in the netbook segment?. Regarding the computer itself, he does not believe in a conflict of lines, since such a model would have less features and less robust functionality than current Ma laptops and desktops.

Mac OS X on Dell Mini 9

According to Barron?s Online, Apple’s netbook is expected to cost $ 600 and feature an ARM chip, 16GB of internal space and a 10.1-inch screen, which can generate a 35-40% gross margin. His forecast is that a product of this type may increase the value per year of AAPL by $ 0.15 in 2009, and up to $ 0.40 in the following fiscal year.

While the netbook with the little apple does not come, there is no lack of people doing everything to run Mac OS X on unauthorized machines. O The Gadgeteer recently published an HP Mini 1000 tutorial, while the Gizmodo created a very cool step-by-step for the Dell Mini 9. Even on the Sony VAIO P, it looks like they’ve already successfully installed it. The problem, of course, is that this procedure is considered illegal, for violating the EULA (contract of use) of the Apple operating system.