Analyst places his bets on the products that Apple will launch in 2013

In 2012 we had an avalanche of Apple launches. In addition to the traditional updates of the Mac line (new MacBooks Pro (Retina), Air, Macs mini and iMacs only Mac Pro was left out of the party), the iPod line (new nano and touch) and the iPhone 5, we also had the arrival of iPad mini is an unexpected fourth generation iPad.

And for this year, what does Apple intend to launch? The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, from KGI Securities, which even has a good record of success, gave its hunch. Check out:

Apple releases for 2013

For him, the launches will be concentrated in the third quarter of the year (between July and September), but that does not mean that we will not have news in the beginning of 2013. The analyst thinks that Ma will start the year announcing a new Apple TV, bringing only occasional improvements. The "iTV" (or Ma TV), would not arrive in 2013, according to Kuo.

At the end of the second quarter, the new MacBooks Air would arrive. The novelty here would be punctual, too (only the adoption of Intel's new Haswell processors, and general improvements). No Retina displays, for example. Shortly after Air, the new MacBooks Pro would arrive. For Kuo, Apple would discontinue the ‚Äúno-Retina‚ÄĚ MBP and lower the prices of notebooks with high-resolution screens, and could also make some small changes to the recent design of the machine.

IPhones releases in 2013

For the iPhone line, the analyst thinks that the Cupertino firm will launch an iPhone 5S very similar to the current one (5), with those traditional improvements: new chip (A7), stiffer cameras, smarter LED flash and a great novelty, a fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 5 would have a new design (plastic housing, slightly thicker, in six different colors). That is, the iPhone 5 would become Apple's low-cost iPhone.

Kuo also believes in updating the iPod touch and the nano for the same period. Speaking specifically of the touch, he thinks that Ma discontinuing the fourth generation model still on sale today and introducing an iPod touch very similar to the current fifth generation, but with 8GB and without the rear camera, which will be sold for $ 200 l out.

On iPads, the analyst expects a mini with Retina display and a larger iPad with a thinner, lighter design and with margins very similar to those of the smaller brother.

In the fourth quarter iMacs and Macs mini would come, also without major news. Like MacBooks Air, they would adopt Intel's new processors and gain general spec improvements.

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I agree with many things, but others, in my view, do not make sense. For me, there is no reason for Apple to launch a new Apple TV. If the scenario remains the same, the current one still does the job pretty well Apple would have no argument to sell a new one. Perhaps, if Ma releases the long-awaited App Store for set-top box, it is worthwhile to improve specifications, such as a new processor, in addition to more RAM and space for storage.

I agree that MacBooks Air will not win the Retina display, as this is the big difference for Pro notebooks. About desktops, there is also a lot to talk about / expect. Other than the arrival of a Mac Pro, which was even confirmed by Tim Cook (Apple CEO) in 2012 and was not even commented on by Kuo.

Speaking of iPads, I think this must be the way of Apple. I just don't agree with the question of margins. For me, it doesn't make sense to drop them on the bigger iPad.

Already on the iPhone, which is the big question but I find Kuo's reasoning interesting. The big question here is that, in my opinion, it makes no sense to launch a cheaper iPhone without killing the iPod touch. They would be very, very similar products to live together. In addition, I think that well by itself, regardless of the name that Apple uses for the new line (iPhone 5S and 5, iPhone 6 and 5S).

Just for the record, I have doubts about a possible smartwatch Apple's partnership with Intel at least as a new product / line; maybe, who knows, it comes in the form of an iPod nano and I also find it difficult for Apple to launch a television. However, I think we can see an app store for the current Apple TV coming up in 2013, in addition to an online radio service or even a new subscription service on the iTunes Store.

And you, what is your opinion about the Apple launches for 2013?

(via MacRumors)