Analyst foresees improvements in Face ID of the next iPhones

Analyst foresees improvements in Face ID of the next iPhones

It’s fact: Ming-Chi Kuo don’t take a vacation. The TF International Securities analyst returned with new forecasts this week, this time related to the next line of iPhones and iPads.

According to Kuo, it is likely that the camera system TrueDepth iPhones is improved in the next generation of gadget, as disclosed by AppleInsider.

Specifically, he described that the next generation of the Apple smartphone will feature a new flood light sensor (floodlight) which will improve Face ID performance by decreasing the impact of ambient light on detecting a person’s face. Kuo believes that the sensor will be included in the entire iPhone line next year, which may be composed again by two devices with OLED screens and one with LCD display.

In the same report, the analyst also suggested that the launch of the next iPad will take place in the last quarter of 2019 or the first of 2020. In addition, the tablet camera, after getting worse, will gain a new feature related to technology Time of Flight (ToF), which we explain in this other article.

According to Kuo, a ToF 3D camera would allow three-dimensional models to be captured by the iPad’s camera and edited with Apple Pencil for an “entirely new productivity experience”. On the iPhone, the likely support for ToF would enable new features of augmented reality and better photo quality; however, for the analyst, the feature will reach Apple’s tablets first.

The speculation of the next gadgets from Apple. What do you think it will adopt in the next iPhones and iPads?