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Analyst expects new iPod nano and touch in September, as well as renewed MacBook Air

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It is very common to see analysts making absurd projections, but many also tend to bet on the obvious, in order to generate an illusion of having hot sources in the industry. Keith Bachman of BMO Capital did a little bit of each in a note sent to his clients last night.

For September, Bachman awaits the arrival of new iPods (he and all the Flamengo fans), but specifically mentions new generations of touches and nanos. The big news would be that iPod nano would eliminate Click Wheel and it would be smaller than the current one, probably taking the place of iPod shuffle.

From here to next month Bachman also thinks that Apple will update its line of MacBooks Air, but does not mention the technical changes in the product. What he believes, yes, is that the machine can be launched at a lower price than the current one, stimulating a sales rhythm much higher than what we are used to.

Bachman predicts a total of 9.2-9.7 million iPods sold in the quarter ending in September and says the iPad shows no signs of cannibalizing iPod touch sales. In the notebook segment, he thinks it reasonable to predict that Apple will sell 2.9 million MacBooks in the period.

Although the analysis did not bring any news regarding the iPhone, Bachman set his sales forecast for the quarter at 10.4 million units.

(via Tech Trader Daily)