Analyst estimates Apple could lose $ 10 billion in iPhones sales after battery controversy

Apple's deliberate decision to slow down the processing of iPhones 6 or higher with already dead batteries has caused a worldwide dawn that has lasted several weeks.

After the controversy arose, Ma already positioned herself, explained exactly why she opted for this path and how more than obligation for the inconvenience caused even decreased the price of battery exchange of the devices: in the United States, the exchange was US $ 79 to $ 29; Here in Brazil, the price fell from $ 449 to $ 149.

The news, which is great for any user who wants to change the battery of their device, could affect Apple more than we can imagine.

IPhone 6s Battery

The possibility of a “new life” given to older handsets from a simple (and now affordable) battery exchange can make many users who might be buying new iPhones stay on older models for a while. This fact, as published by the Bloomberg, may cause Apple to stop selling about 16 million iPhones this year.

This bet, which would represent a 4% reduction in its total revenue, was made by analyst Mark Moskowitz of Barclays. It is estimated that Apple will replace the battery in about 10% of the 519 million iPhones that are capable of replacement even though anyone can now enjoy the lowest price, and even heard that the replacement is also under warranty. (when applicable).

Charging $ 29 for the exchange, Ma still gets according to the analyst roughly $ 1.5 billion in revenuebut the value is well below the approximate $ 10 billion that she could lose on sales of new handsets (ie 16 million iPhones times an average of $ 625 per handset). And that doesn't even take into account what the company might also lose in the various lawsuits against it in the world.

Everything, of course, is just assumptions. It is not known exactly how many people will actually prefer to replace the battery of their iPhones by December 2018 Apple's discount term, because the new models continue to offer the usual differentials, including more powerful processor, updated design, more advanced screens. , improved cameras, greater storage capacity, new biometric system and so on.