Analyst doesn’t believe in new desktop Macs anytime soon

Analyst doesn't believe in new desktop Macs anytime soon

Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equities Research, says that we shouldn’t expect new desktop Macs any time soon, at least in the bombing releases, with major changes. To justify his point, Trip cites the global economic crisis and strong sales in the notebook segment.

?In an environment where no one is buying anything and you launch a wonderful product, capable of earning a lot of? uaus ?and? ohhs ?, but that won?t convert into sales,? says the analyst. «And that is a wasted effort.» Well, if the estimated 2 million Macs sold means that «no one is buying», I can’t imagine the numbers out of a time of crisis.

iMac and Mac mini

THE recalls, however, that the line of Apple desktop Macs urgently needs updates. Both Mac mini and Mac Pro have not received updates for over a year, and the current iMac is now 10 months old.

To take Ma’s desktop line up, both Chowdhry and Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company believe that the company needs to launch totally revamped models mainly with a totally different exterior look. However, the two believe that 2010 is a better year for ads of this type.

Chowdhry predicts that the Mac Pro and iMac will receive minor updates by June.