Analyst does not see the «cannibalization» of Mac sales by iPad as something negative for Apple

Analyst does not see the "cannibalization" of Mac sales by iPad as something negative for Apple

Look at that “problem”, that of Apple: it is believed that, on a scale that is difficult to determine with certainty, the iPad is “cannibalizing” sales of Macs – that is, gaining the preference of certain consumers who could once choose a MacBook. Air, or maybe a Mac mini.

One product competing with another, from the same manufacturer. Would that be bad?

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Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray thinks not – as long as this «cannibalization» remains small, of course, and considering that the growth forecasts for the tablet segment are right. If this is the case, in up to ten years they are expected to outperform the conventional computer market; as long as Apple is ahead, as it is today, it will have nothing to worry about.

Despite all this “cannibalization”, Macs continue, quarter after quarter, easily surpassing the average growth of the PC industry. If today Apple sells $ 62 billion annually between iPads and Macs, by 2015 the analyst predicts that this sum will reach US $ 119 billion – even with an increasing “cannibalization” by the Apple tablet.

In parallel to all this, Munster is one of the veterans in the bets that Apple will launch a TV with its brand – and, given the participation of Tim Cook in the conference D10: All Things Digital, last night, the analyst understood that the executive wanted to send a message to anyone to buy an HDTV for now. For Munster, «iTV» may be launched until December this year.

Piper Jaffray maintained an “overweight” rating for Apple shares, with a target price of $ 910. Today, NASDAQ: AAPL closed up 1.21%, quoted at $ 579.17.

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