Information from Apple vendors reveals alleged details of his tablet, including start of production

Analyst bets that iTablet will be a multifunctional device with super advanced graphics

Okay, as a few days went by without anyone commenting on iTablet, the CNNMoney today brought an article to revive the rumor of a product so talked about in the media in recent months, but which was never even announced / confirmed by Apple.

The matter again focuses on the idea that such an Apple tablet will be a multifunctional device, located between an iPhone and a MacBook (not only in size, but also in price). In addition to the traditional Wi-Fi, there is talk about 3G connectivity built into the machine, which would always be connected to the internet. With this, the product can be sold subsidized through operators, as well as the iPhone.

Apple tablet mockup

With a screen of about 10 inches, it is speculated that iTablet may run Mac OS X, but there have been people who bet on the iPhone OS itself in independent resolution mode. Perhaps Apple is working on a mix of both, providing the advanced features of Mac OS X with the possibility for users to run more than 100 thousand titles (games, especially) already available on the App Store.

According to Laura DiDio, an ITIC analyst, the Apple tablet will come with super advanced graphics and a tremendous resolution to leave the competition in the slipper. Add that to a webcam for videoconferencing and a killer design, and it is not surprising that many say that the product can revolutionize mobile computing as much as the iPhone revolutionized the handheld market.

, everything indicates that 2010 will be the year of iTablet.