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Analyst bets on new iPad mini; AirPower would still be alive

Release period, announcements, pre-sales, business reviews, have explained why our old friend, Ming Chi Kuo, be working harder than Twitter robots on the presidential campaign.

Now the TF International Securities analyst has come up with a flood of product forecasts, and the news is especially good for those who were sad about a possible death. iPad mini or worried about the future of Airpower.

According to Kuo, Apple's smallest tablet does not die. The iPad mini will have a new version after years forgotten by Ma, and it has an improved processor and a "low cost" screen, without much specification about it. The analyst said that this new device "would not necessarily arrive at next week's event" ie that possibility exists, but it is also possible for Apple to stop introducing the new tablet at some point in early 2019.

In relation to iPads Pro, which apparently will actually be updated next week, Kuo has not escaped the rumors already published. According to the analyst, the tablets will receive a new design with enhanced panels, USB-C input replacing the Lightning port and a new Apple Pencil. Kuo didn't mention the Face ID or the reduced edges, but it is very likely that these news are on the cake, too.

About the wireless charger Airpower, which has had its premature death speculated several times, Kuo has thrown a light of hope on users: Apple will be able to release the accessory later this quarter or early 2019 with the new Airpods with support for “E a, Siri” command and updated case, capable of receiving wireless recharge. Maybe the prospect is worth a mention of the accessories at next week's event? We'll have to wait and see.

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Official image:

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Finally, Kuo also made his predictions about the line of Macswithout much specific details. The analyst stated that we can expect a new low-cost notebook model and updates to the Macbook, O iMac it's the Mac mini What exactly that means, however, we will only know next day.


via MacRumors