Gartner and IDC place Apple among the top five computer makers

Analyst at Caris & Company predicts average growth of 26% for Mac in 2010

If Robert Cihra (daCaris & Company) is right about his predictions for the computer market in 2010, Apple will continue to grow much more than the industry in general. The current control maintained by her in the prices and in her update cycle of the Mac line will guarantee the growth rate at a speed 60% higher than the average of the other manufacturers.

Mac family

Cihra believes that Apple has plenty of room to grow, recommending its shares as "the best to buy" among computer makers. Currently, the average price of a Mac is estimated at approximately $ 1,290, while that of a PC is 80% less than that.

The cost obviously limits the number of potential consumers who opt for a Mac, but at the same time the possibility of profit for Apple as a whole grows, something that attracts the attention of analysts and investors. On the other hand, in 2009, the average profit of each manufacturer per PC sold fell further (16%), stimulated especially by the return in the notebook market with the emergence of netbooks.

These factors will continue to influence Apple's growth (estimated at 26%) ahead of the industry average (16%) causing the Mac to continue its slow (but constant) market share. Cihra continues to recommend AAPL to investors at Caris & Company, although it has kept its price expectation stable at $ 260.

(via AppleInsider)