Analysis of Game of Thrones 6 × 03 episode: “Oathbreaker”

Análise do episódio 6×03 de Game of Thrones: "Oathbreaker"

Check out our review of Game of Thrones S06E03: Oathbreaker, the breaker of promises.

Bran has other visions of the past and things happen in Castle Black

Ned Stark Game of Thrones S06E03

When the teaser trailer for the third episode of the sixth season of game of Thrones was released, a fan theory took hold, the already known “R + L = J”, which was almost confirmed, if it weren’t for the Three-Eyed Crow (Max von Sydow) that interrupted Bran at “hour H” from his view of the past…

The third episode of the series, called Oathbreaker, breaker of promises, in free translation, made progress in important nuclei and brought back a character who had been missing since the third season but also promised to reveal a possible “breaker of promises”, which will depend on your point of view.

And so, Game of Thrones remains exciting.


The episode started in Black Castle, but we’ll leave that for last.

Sam, Goiva it’s the little Sam appeared again, and are on a ship traveling to Citadel, where Sam intends to become a People, according to his words to help Jon Snow when he needs it.

But little does he know that Jon died and is gone.

Bran it’s the Three-Eyed Crow are at Torre da Alegria, where Lyanna Stark is after being kidnapped, as the official story tells, by Rhaegar Targaryen. There Bran sees his father face Ser Arthur Dayne, known as Sword da Manhã, the greatest slinger who Ned Stark had already seen, and said to have defeated in that battle.

But Bran saw that his father, the honorable Ned, did not defeat Arthur without the help of Howland Reed, who stabbed the Morning Sword in the back, before Ned delivered the fatal blow.

Ned was, in fact, a very honorable man, but at that moment he left his honor aside to save his sister.

The moment Ned climbs the tower to see Lyanna, the Crow interrupts Bran, who calls out to his father, who looks back.

Did Ned hear Bran, or did he hear the wind? And to the sadness of all fans, the confirmation of the theory that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna (R + L = J) will be for another episode.

Daenerys arrives in Vaes Dothrak, where she should stay, as she is the widow of a Khal, following the tradition, but we already know that she will not be happy to stay there, and who knows her dragons will appear to lend a helping hand.

In the trailers that came out earlier, we saw one of the dragons, probably Drogon flying over a city, and this one seems to be Vaes Dothrak.

In Meereen, Varys he finds out who finances the Children of the Harpy, and we finally find out who his “little birds” are, who he talks about so much.

Qyburn and Varys' birds

The tension between Cersey and the High Sparrow increases and war between them is imminent and King Tommen, as always, is incompetent and inefficient, and should become his mother’s puppet in this confrontation very soon.

Arya, that is to say, “a girl”, seems to have finished her training and saw again.

The next episodes should have more action involving the girl in some missions.

To recap, the Stark family is in evidence and it seems that everyone is getting along: Sansa is with Brienne, therefore protected, Arya did well in her training, Jon Snow returned to live, Bran is finishing his training, but and the little one Rickon?

He has returned, but now that his suffering must begin.

The boy was delivered by Smalljon Umber to Ramsey along with Osha, the savage who protected him along with the support of Ricky Wolf’s Shaggy Dog as a gift for the Boltons to ally themselves with the Umber in the fight against the savages, but something intriguing.

Umber have always been loyal to the Stark, and «the North remembers» as we know, so the question remains, Was Smalljon Umber the episode breaker, or was it Jon Snow?

Snow got up, talked to Ser Davos and Melissandre, told Melissandre not to have seen anything while dead, he also didn’t understand why he had returned, but even so, he executed the sentence of his traitors, then left his post as Lord Commander in the hands of Dolorous Edd and leaves the patrol. “My patrol ended“Said Jon.

Will Jon Snow now go to war in the North against the Boltons?Will Jon Snow now go to war in the North against the Boltons?

In order not to be left in doubt, or to feed them further, the patrol’s oath is to serve her to death.

“Night comes, and now my watch begins.

It will not end until my death.

I will not take a wife, I will not own land, I will not bear children.

I will not wear crowns and I will not win glory.

I will live and die at my post.

I am the sword in the darkness.

I am the watchman on the walls.

I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings with it the dawn, the trumpet that wakes those who sleep, the shield that defends the kingdoms of men.

I give my life and my honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and for all the nights to come.


If Jon Snow died, he no longer needed to be true to his oath, don’t you think? Now he is free and will have a lot of work to do when he finds out what Ramsay did to his home, the North.

Who was the promise breaker, Ned for dishonorably killing a man, Smalljon for betraying the Stark house, or Jon Snow for leaving the night’s patrol ?!