Analysis of episode 6 × 02 of Game of Thrones: Home

Análise do episódio 6×02 de Game of Thrones: Home

Check out our Game of Thrones 6×02: Home review.

Arya has a date with Jaqen H’ghar, Ramsey kills more people and Melissandre tries to save Jon Snow

Review Game of Thrones 6x02

This analysis could not begin otherwise if it did not celebrate the return of Jon Snow! YES! He is alive at the hands of Melissandre, that even without faith he answered the request of Sor.

Davos, and performed the ritual that made Snow breathe a breath that held all the fans of the character.

Fortunately, this episode had more important events and put aside that warm atmosphere of the beginning of the fifth season.

We will have one episode better than the next.

The rumor about Bran was confirmed, and he «traveled» to the past, where he saw his father, Ned Stark, still a child, training with his Uncle Benjen Stark. Lyanna Stark and Hodor as a child also appeared, and Hodor’s real name is Wylis, and he still spoke normally.

The scene was emotional, and briefly interrupted by the three-eyed Raven, so that Bran would not drown in his visions, and would never return.

Hodor and Lyanna

In Castelo Negro we had two moments of tension, the first was Alliser Thorne, who gave his ultimatum to Davos and was saved at the last minute by the arrival of the savages commanded by Tormund.

Then we were taken to King’s Landing where the Lannisters plot has moved a little further.

Jaime threatened the High Sparrow, he responded to the threat, nothing more important.

In this episode, it was another Lannister who made a memorable scene. Tyrion took a few sips of wine and had the audacity to free the two dragons from Daenerys that were stuck in the bottom of the pyramid in Meereen. The scene was very tense, but it showed why the dwarf is one of the best and wisest characters in the series.


Arya had a meeting with Jaquen H’gar who, after testing her, took her off the streets.

And Ramsay, as crazy as ever, could not bear to hear from the Maester at the Boltons’ house that he had won a brother, and kills his father, Roose, Walda and the little baby.

Roose died with a stab in the stomach and Walda and the newborn were eaten by Ramsay’s dogs.

What is the limit of this insane bastard’s cruelty?


Balon Greyjoy was also killed by an old companion, and his daughter, Yara Greyjoy saw that she will have a hard time taking the throne in her own home, which was to be ruled by Theon Greyjoy after his father’s death, or whoever they decide to vote.

And speaking of Theon, the former “Fedor” is going home…

And finally, the most important moment of the episode.

Jon Snow came back to life.

Melissandre even discredited in herself, she performed the ritual, which she had never tried before, to try to bring a man back to life, and she succeeded, but even she doesn’t know how.

For all those present at the time were giving up, one by one to see her try.

Tormund was the first to leave the room, then Ser Davor, and in the end, after reciting the words several times, she gave up, but Jon woke up …

jon-snow-alive If that’s what you wanted, that’s what Game of Thrones gave them! Jon alive!

And now, what can we expect from the next episode? Will Jon be back different? Will you still command the Night’s Watch, or will you fight beyond the wall !? Leave your opinion in the comments.