Analog television shuts down in April 2012

تمديد دعم تثبيت DTT حتى نهاية العام

The Government today approved a resolution that defines the methodology and deadlines for the transition from the current analog television system to the new digital terrestrial television. The fixed date for the end of analogue broadcasts is 26 April 2012. This will be the limit for analogue broadcasts, although the regulation also defines a minimum period of 12 months of simulcast. That is, simultaneous broadcasts of analog and digital TV to minimize the impact of the transition on the consumer.

The document also foresees the development of «a set of measures and a series of actions to stimulate massive voluntary migration with the least possible impact on consumers».

Anacom is responsible for leading the process. PT to implement the system, as the entity that won the license. The company led by Zeinal Bava scheduled for April 29 the launch of DTT with the first emissions in a dozen locations on the continent and islands.

When you detailed the timings of the project, the company had even mentioned that it wanted to ensure the capacity to anticipate the switch-off analogue TV, a possibility that the Government apparently did not take into account, at least for now.

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