Analog television «goes off» today in the United States

أكثر من ستة عملاء من أصل 10 يختارون الألياف في التلفزيون المدفوع

Today is the last day of analogue television in the United States a postponement and several measures have tried to minimize the impact of the change that the European Union will only arrive in 2012.

The United States invested over US $ 2 billion in the transition process, in order to accelerate and minimize the impacts of switch-off, which will free up spectrum and enhance the appearance of various digital services and a more interactive experience with the service. TV.

Although the investment was high, the Federal Communications Commission believes that more than 2 million Americans today are without television services because they do not yet have a television compatible with new digital technology or a set-top box, reports the BBC.

The United States supported the transition to digital by distributing $ 40 vouchers to populations to support the purchase of set-top boxes. Over the past few weeks, the Government has also put forward several information campaigns to remember the date and explain the differences that make it impossible to continue accessing the TV service after the change, without new television equipment or decoder.