Anacom’s Virtual Branch is renewed

دفع المشغلون 29.9 مليون يورو لشركة أناكوم في عام 2011

Anacom announced the availability of a renewed version of its Virtual Counter. In this new version, the counter that brings to the Internet some services provided by the electronic communications regulator, reinforces the offer in the two main aspects. Whether in the public channel, which includes all services that do not require registration for use, or in the private channel, of reserved access.

In a press release, Anacom also explains that in the reserved area, forms for the radio licensing service for radio networks and radio stations have also become available. It should be noted that this area previously had only processes available for the Amateur and Amateur Satellite Service and ITED-ITUR services.

In the same communication, Anacom explains that, despite the version for download of the forms related to licensing processes remain available in the public access area of ​​the website, only in the reserved access area is it possible for companies to have access to a set of new facilities that this renewed version of the platform makes available.

Among the features of the reserved access area, highlighted by the regulator, is the sending of documentation electronically, consultation of the status of processes, receipt of notices, among others. It should be noted that filling in the forms available online has free technical support via phone.

As of October 15th, the regulator also launches new alternatives for access to its Virtual Counter, from mobile devices.