ANACOM’s Tariff Observatory records an average of 9,100 monthly simulations

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One year after the launch of ANACOM’s Mobile Telephone Service Tariff Observatory, the balance of the national communications authority reveals that, in total, the service was consulted by 60 thousand different users.

In all, 110 thousand simulation operations were carried out until July 28, the date on which the Tariff Observatory completed one year of activity.

The consultation of call tariffs was the feature most sought after by users, with 59 thousand operations, followed by the comparison of calls, which accounted for more than 30 thousand visits.

The data compiled by the national communications authority point to an average monthly access to the comparator of 5,000 users, who performed 9,100 simulations per month.

Between 17 April and 17 July, ANACOM promoted the Tariff Observatory through an advertising campaign that, according to the regulator, contributed to «a significant increase in the level of use of this tool by consumers».

The numbers reveal that, through the advertising campaign, the number of daily accesses and simulation operations «went from 55 and 71, respectively, in the month prior to the start of the campaign, to average daily values ​​of 341 accesses and 438 operations carried out in the month after the campaign «.

In addition to the comparison of prices applied to national mobile calls, the Tariff Observatory started, as of November, to provide the same functionalities for the services of written messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS).

From now on, the Observatory will have one more feature, this time, dedicated to the users’ monthly consumption levels.

In this way, the option «My monthly consumption profile» will be available.

ANACOM also leaves the promise to improve the service in order to facilitate access not only for citizens with special needs, but also for citizens with reduced bandwidth or less capable hardware, such as access dial-up and via mobile phone, the text version of the Tariff Observatory is made available.

The Tariff Observatory is an incentive of the national communications authority, in collaboration with the three national mobile networks, which aims to minimize the level of ignorance of users in relation to the different communications tariffs on the market, through the consultation of prices, tariff simulators most appropriate, taking into account the user’s profile, among other features.

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