Anacom wants to improve the information released by service operators

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Anacom today announced the new parameters of quality and level of information that telecommunications service providers have to offer customers. According to these indications, approved in deliberation on the 21st of April, operators are required to provide all information free of charge in written support at all points of sale of the service.

The quality of the Internet access service and the information on price and tariff plans on the fixed and mobile networks have been the target of complaints from users, being among the concerns of the various regulatory authorities in the market. At the beginning of this year, Anacom found that operators do not comply with the announced Internet access speeds, this same subject being the subject of a recommendation by the Consumer Institute that advised more stringent ISPs.

According to this new determination by Anacom, whose mission is to ensure the protection of consumers in their relationship with telecommunications companies, the information that must be provided to the customer includes free detailed billing, compensation and refund systems, type of maintenance offered, typical contractual conditions and dispute resolution mechanisms.

As for the minimum levels of quality of service, Anacom indicates that these should be part of the information guaranteed to consumers, with their breach being compensated with compensation or reimbursement of amounts paid.

Among the mandatory information, Anacom highlights the «possible restrictions on access to services, arising from the prior need to meet certain conditions» and also the «impossibility of accessing the Internet when subscribing to a certain telephone service offer».

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