Anacom wants to guarantee quality of service in communications with a compensation system

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Anacom placed in public consultation the draft decision on the object and form of providing information to the consumer, to be applied by fixed, mobile operators and Internet service providers.

In the vast set of rules that the regulator intends to implement, the service providers must have “compensation or refund systems”, when the service provided does not correspond to the advertised, with regard to quality levels. Operators are also obliged to provide dispute resolution mechanisms, information on the type of maintenance services offered and details of the contractual conditions.

According to the draft decision, operators must make available to the consumer “the description of the services offered, the indication of those included in the subscription price, if any, and the periodic rental charges, namely operator services, directories, information services lists, selective call barring, detailed billing and maintenance ”, states the document.

In order for identification and contact with the service provider to be facilitated, Anacom also considers it useful to “publicize and disseminate telephone numbers (customer service), email and address of the respective website, if any ”.

With regard to the level of quality of service provided, the regulator details that the information provided to the consumer must be clearer, with the provision of information on “the levels of quality that the service provider undertakes to ensure before its customer”, which when violated may result in compensation to the customer.

The same draft decision – with regard to information on contractual conditions – also provides for the provision of clear information on the implications of subscribing to a particular service – limitations, obligations and guarantees -, on possible payment methods, prices of installation and uninstallation, mandatory minimum consumption, equipment rental prices, etc.

The set of measures proposed by the regulator aim to put into practice a set of principles foreseen in article 47 and in article 39 of REGICOM, law approved on 10 February last year.

In a statement, the regulator explains that, given the impact of the application of this set of measures for companies providing electronic communications services, it chose to use the public consultation mechanism provided for in the legislation, extending the possible deadline for comments until 28 September. to the still provisional resolution.

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2004-12-02 – Regulation for the quality of fixed telephony services in public consultation