Anacom wants greater market predictability by anticipating conditions for 2006

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Anacom has already requested Portugal Telecom to present the prices for the local loop that are to be applied as of January 2006.

In this way, the regulator wants to ensure greater predictability in the market, namely to new operators that thus get to know the conditions on the which they can base their offer to customers next year.

With the anticipation of the price proposal, and the subsequent analysis, it is intended that the new values ​​may come into effect as of January 1.

It should be recalled that a large part of the direct offer made by new operators to individual customers and SMEs is based on PT’s network, through the RUO, therefore it is important to know the amounts that they have to pay for each loop (the line that reaches the customer) .

Anacom also states in a statement that the Local + Loop Offer is essential for promoting competition in the local access and broadband market.

PT Comunicações now has 20 days to publish its offer, taking into account the principle of price orientation for costs, as defined in the analysis of the unbundled access wholesale market

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