Anacom to move forward with renewal of GSM licenses

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Anacom will start the process of renewing GSM licenses, following a determination of 8 June which provides for the «renewal of the rights to use the GSM and DCS 1800 frequencies allocated to Vodafone Portugal and TMN for the provision of the terrestrial mobile service «, explains the company in a statement. According to the document, the regulator will take the opportunity to» evaluate the aspects that arise from the renewal of the rights of use attributed to the said mobile service operators «and start a public consultation, as early as next month, which intends to listen to operators and users on aspects that should be included in the conditions for operating mobile licenses.

The objective is to take advantage of the renewal process to analyze aspects such as the quality of services provided by mobile operators, both in terms of coverage obligations and the definition of quality of service indicators in data offers.

Likewise, this period can serve to «define the fees applicable to the renewal of the rights of use of mobile operators, and the obligations in terms of access and interconnection arising from the declaration of GSM operators with Significant Market Power», says the same statement .

It is recalled that the licenses of the mobile operators were granted for a period of 15 years. In this way, Vodafone’s license expires next year, while TMN’s license expires the following year. Optimus can take advantage of the current license until 2012. the changes that are approved in this period will take effect in the next renewals.

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