Anacom takes telecommunications training to Africa

دفع المشغلون 29.9 مليون يورو لشركة أناكوم في عام 2011

Anacom and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are going to create a Center of Excellence in Africa. The cooperation agreement was signed yesterday and aims to provide training in the telecommunications sector to Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.

With this initiative, both parties intend to leverage the development of staff and create instruments of self-sustainability in the training of individuals in those countries, informs the regulator in a statement.

Anacom will invest more than half a million dollars in the project, an amount associated with the provision of unpaid services.

The Center of Excellence will be created under a protocol at the end of last year between Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications, Eng. Mário Lino, and ITU Secretary General, Hamadour Touré.

Initially, the structure will have poles in Mozambique and Cape Verde, and in a second phase it may have delegations in other countries.

In parallel, a memorandum and statutes were also created that give rise to the CPLP Communications and Telecommunications Regulators Association (ARCT-CPLP), an entity that will be based in Lisbon and will aim to provide these countries with a set of contacts, experiences and mutual learning in the scope of regulation of the communications sector.

Finally, the regulator also signed two cooperation protocols with Mozambique and Guinea, as well as the Annual Cooperation Programs for 2009 and the Indicative Cooperation Program for 2009-2011, defined with the regulators of Mozambique, Angola and Guinea-Bissau.