Anacom suspends Optimus Home service but SonaeCom advances with new offer

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Anacom published at the end of the 26th a determination by which the regulatory authority determines that Novis should proceed with the “immediate ban on the marketing of the service called ‘Optimus Home’ and the adoption of measures that prevent the continuity of its publicity for any means ”. SonaeCom has already announced that it will keep the service active for customers who have already signed up for Optimus Home and launched a new pre-registration replacement offer on Saturday, which it considers “even more advantageous”.

Anacom’s decision dispensed with the usual hearing of interested parties and has immediate effect, although Novis was given a period of 5 days to notify subscribers of the termination of the service.

According to the text of the resolution, the Optimus Home service is based “on a non-conforming use of numbers from the National Numbering Plan”, and “presents all the essential features and functionality of a mobile service, with the particularity that mobility is restricted, through limitations associated, namely, with the customer’s SIM card, in a specific geographic area ”.

Also on Saturday, SonaeCom, which owns Optimus and Novis, communicates that it maintains “the active service to all Optimus Home customers until a contrary decision is clear”. On the same day, the operator launched a new pre-registration service with an offer that it considers even more advantageous since it offers the cost of calls in calls.

In the same statement, SonaeCom calls on users to register massively, showing their interest in this type of services.

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