Anacom study reveals poor quality of third generation networks

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In the last two months of the year, Anacom carried out an assessment of the quality of mobile networks, where it concluded that the third generation services provided by the three operators licensed for the purpose are of poor quality. ¬ęThey do not have a good WCDMA coverage, observing areas with poor coverage and often nonexistent, mainly on the road axes¬Ľ, says the document.

Vodafone, Optimus and TMN have been investing in coverage of urban centers, where, according to the regulator, coverage levels, although lower than those registered for GSM, are considered satisfactory. TMN obtained the worst score here, even guaranteeing good coverage in 97.2 percent of the measurements made.

On the road axes the results are less satisfactory for all networks with the registration of areas where coverage is even non-existent. In this analysis, Vodafone has the best performance, with Good or Acceptable levels in 87.3 percent of the measurements made. Optimus collects the worst score with only 82.6 percent of the measurements made to meet the Good or Acceptable standards.

Video-telephony ¬ępresents a reasonable performance in urban areas, but substantially lower on road axles¬Ľ. The worst classifications concern the parameters of analysis related to Service Accessibility and the Call Termination Rate, with special relevance for the first, where the calculated values ‚Äč‚Äčreach acceptable levels less often. The road axes are once again seen as areas of lesser investment by operators.

With regard to GSM networks, the results show good coverage throughout the national territory, with good levels of performance in terms of the voice service, both in urban agglomerations and on highway routes.

The study on the quality of mobile networks introduced in its 2006 edition a reformulation of methodologies. It is also the first time that the analysis includes third generation networks.

The study was supported by 23,353 test calls and 3,198,504 measurements of radio signal level, totaling 212 hours of measurements over 8,789 kilometers.

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