Anacom starts public consultation on conditions for renewing GSM licenses

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As previously announced last month, Anacom will take advantage of the legal renewal period for TMN and Vodafone mobile licenses to launch a public consultation to the market on possible changes to be made to the rules for using GSM technology.

Operators and consumers in general can, until the 31st of August, contact the communications regulator through email to send suggestions. Anacom considers that the license renewal period can be used to introduce a set of new conditions related to quality of service, both in terms of coverage obligations and in terms of the definition of quality of service indicators in data offers, for example.

The licenses to operate the GSM 900/1800 technology are valid for a period of 15 years, a period that for TMN ends in 2007 and for Vodafone next year. Changes to operating conditions, in turn, must be preceded by a public consultation, as stipulated by Law No. 5 of 10 February 2004.

It is with this objective in mind that Anacom launches the market consultation process that extends for 30 working days and can be exercised through an email address. email created for that purpose.

When communicating the intention to take advantage of the license renewal period to study possible changes to this right, the regulator admitted that the period could still serve to define «the rates applicable to the renewal of the rights of use of mobile operators, and the access and interconnection obligations arising from the declaration of GSM operators with Significant Market Power «, said a statement.

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