Anacom should refuse to allocate additional spectrum to Repart

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The communications regulator – Anacom has published the draft decision, regarding Repart’s request that required the spectrum left free by Radiomóvel, to add to the capacity assigned to it for the provision of the Mobile Service with Shared Resources (SMRP), in accordance with with analog (MPT 1327) and digital (TETRA) systems.

Rejecting the request, by determination of 15 November of its Board of Directors, Anacom justifies that Repart assumed that until 9 November, Radiomóvel would stop using the frequencies in question, proceeding to their return, a fact that still it did not take place, the rights to exploit them being held by Radiomóvel.

Interestingly, the two companies – Repart and Radiomóvel – are owned by the same entity, the English group Inquam, which has made strong investments in both assets in order to restructure the current offers.

In the case of Radiomóvel, investment efforts are directed towards the migration of the infrastructure to CDMA-PAMR, a process that is practically completed and which should be the basis for attracting new customers not only in the business segment, but possibly also in the market residential.

For its part, Repart, as recently explained to TeK João Barbosa, general manager of Radiomóvel, will now exclusively ensure the maintenance of service to group customers who choose not to migrate to the new CDMA mobile technology and prefer to continue to support your service on networks trunking (analog) or digital (Tetra).

According to the resolution, Repart has 10 days, from the date of the resolution, to comment on the draft decision, if it so chooses.

Contacted by Tek, João Barbosa was apprehensive about the regulator’s decision, which the company is preparing to contest.

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