Anacom says that there is no competition in wholesale broadcasting services for content delivery

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Anacom placed the results of the analysis carried out on the market 18 for public consultation, which includes wholesale broadcasting services for the delivery of content to end users.

The process results in the identification of PT Comunicações as the only entity in the market with Significant Market Power, which will therefore be subject to a set of regulatory measures, and the finding that there is no effective competition.

The public consultation with interested parties will be active for a period of 30 working days and aims to collect positions regarding the definition of product markets and geographic markets, assessment of significant market power (SMP) and imposition, maintenance, alteration or suppression of regulatory obligations , needs a statement from the regulator.

The same document informs that, under the terms of the analysis, «the market for the wholesale supply of television broadcasting services over analogue terrestrial networks» will be subject to ex-ante regulation, with regard to access and use of specific network resources, transparency information published and non-discrimination in the provision of access and interconnection. Regulatory measures will also seek to ensure the separation of accounts for certain activities related to access and interconnection, price control, financial reporting and cost accounting.

The draft decision now placed for public consultation was approved by the electronic communications regulator on 11 January and has already been analyzed by the Competition Authority.

Anacom has already analyzed 16 of the 19 markets defined within the scope of the electronic communications framework. After the public consultation process related to market analysis 17 was concluded, only market 19, which comprises the national wholesale market for international roaming on public mobile networks, and market 15 – the wholesale market for access and call origination in public mobile telephone networks. The latter will frame the existence of MVNOs and is already under analysis.

The market analysis aims to identify the existence or not of competition, to define the entities with significant market power and to establish regulatory measures that ensure competition.

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