Anacom says that competition in the broadband market does not require the opening of the cable

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The analysis of the conditions of competition in broadband Internet access, where the PT Group has significant market power, leads Anacom to conclude that the improvements recorded do not justify «for now» the imposition of new access obligations, namely in access to the cable network. The regulator argues that more favorable competitive conditions are guaranteed and also rules out the possibility of moving forward with a separation of the cable distribution network.

The separation of ownership of the TV Cabo network from the PT Comunicações ADSL network is part of the demands of the new operators, who consider that only in this way can competitive conditions be guaranteed in the broadband market. Operators have also demanded the possibility of guaranteeing access to the TV Cabo network in a format identical to that existing in ADSL, where PT Comunicações has a wholesale offer for operators who want to use their network.

Anacom’s decision on the wholesale market is now rejecting these two hypotheses, although not completely excluding them. Anacom’s statement clearly states that «if the current framework does not prove to be sufficient to promote competition in the broadband access market», the imposition of «new access obligations, namely the cable network» can be considered.

The regulator again admits that «a structural measure, such as the separation of the cable distribution network, will be more incentive to investment than the imposition of an access obligation», but adds that «he believes it is not opportune, in the current circumstances, move to that option «.

The existence of significant market power in broadband, however, determines obligations to the companies of the PT Group, namely in relation to the offers launched on the cable network which «will have to be accompanied by the launch of identical offers in the wholesale offer» Rede ADSL PT «in order to to be replicated by other operators «.

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