Anacom satisfied with presence on Twitter

Anacom satisfied with presence on Twitter

New technologies and telecommunications are increasingly on the agenda. Illustrating the trend is the growing list of followers of the body that regulates the sector on Twitter.

Since Anacom launched its Twitter page on 2 February, the number of interested Internet users has been growing, having intensified during the last month, in which there was an increase in the order of 64 percent.

According to the data provided by this public body, the profile on the microblogging social network went from 176 followers in August to 289 at the end of September. Currently the count is 317.

Anacom could already be Ā«followedĀ» on its official page, but Ā«adapting to the new challenges and the natural evolution of the phenomenon of social networksĀ», joined the microblog in order to Ā«publicize its activity to a wider audience and with a more current, modern and innovative image Ā«, he explains on the website.

In yours tweets the communications regulator provides some information ā€“ limited to the 140 possible characters in the microblog service and published in Portuguese and English ā€“ and links to the subjects that are developed in greater detail on the institutional website.