Anacom reviews low budget for 2011

دفع المشغلون 29.9 مليون يورو لشركة أناكوم في عام 2011

Anacom has revised the budget for next year, with the aim of ensuring a reduction in costs in its annual operating expenses for 2011. The measures introduced will allow a reduction of 10 percent in the costs forecast for next year, by that body.

In order to achieve the cost reduction goals, one of the projects that stands in the way is the construction of a new building in the facilities of the communications regulator, in Barcarena. The postponement confirmation of the work was made to the Jornal de Negócios by Amado da Silva, president of the regulator.

The construction of the new building, scheduled to start next year, increased the infrastructure costs described in the regulator’s budget to 2.4 million euros. The review allows you to review these values.

Also according to the daily, Anacom’s strategic plan for the 2011-2013 period foresaw total costs of 54.7 million euros, which ensure a 10 percent reduction with the review carried out.

Anacom is the National Communications Authority, has regulatory powers for the electronic communications market and