Anacom refuses Repart’s request for additional frequencies

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Anacom refused the request for additional frequencies from REPART – Shared Resource Communication Systems, confirming the draft decision known on 15 November last year.

It is recalled that REPART sent to Anacom a request for the allocation of the spectrum allocated to Radiomóvel for the provision of shared mobile services for MPT 1327 (analog) and TETRA (digital) technologies, since Radiomóvel – owned by the same group – was returning the licenses in question. The British company’s order follows a process of group restructuring and the migration of the Radiomóvel network to another technology.

According to this restructuring, RadiomĂłvel has been investing in the migration of its infrastructure to CDMA-PAMR. For its part, Repart will exclusively ensure the maintenance of service to group customers who choose not to migrate to the new CDMA mobile technology and prefer to continue to support their service on the networks trunking (analog) or digital.

The regulator’s decision is justified by the non-compliance with the operating conditions of the license by Radiomóvel. The regulator justifies that it will only be able to receive the license assigned to Radiomovel, to distribute it again to another operator, after fulfilling these conditions, which in this case have to do with the network migration (to CDMA) within the dates agreed with the regulator. According to the regulator, he was not informed of the conclusion of this migration process.

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