Anacom reduces maximum time for the supply of loops and determines fines for non-compliance

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Anacom rejected PT Comunicações’ justifications regarding the deadlines that have been practiced in the Reference Offer for Access to the Local Loop (RUO), and in a probable sense of decision announced yesterday afternoon, obliges the operator to reduce them and determines fines for non-compliance.

According to the draft decision, which will be followed by a final decision within ten working days during which the interested parties may comment, the provision of an active local loop with portability must be guaranteed within 12 working days and without portability in 9 business days. During the first half of 2004, the supply of a local loop was provided in almost all cases in 13 working days, according to Anacom.

For the supply of a non-active local loop with a smaller intervention, a deadline of 14 working days is established and a local loop with a larger intervention will have to be guaranteed in 22 working days.

For each business day of delay, PT Comunicações will pay 7.5 euros. The maximum additional price to be applied in the unbundling of non-active loops that do not require cable installation or a private subscriber block is now 50 euros, determines the regulator, being 75 euros the price for the loop that needs installation cable or private block.

Anacom considers that «the activities involved in the transfer of non-active loops identified by PT Comunicações, SA do not justify the excessive periods that are being practiced» and among the arguments that support its decision it also takes into account «the practices existing in other European Union Member States with regard to the maximum deadlines for the supply of active and non-active local loops «, as well as ensures» that the automatic order processing system, which should already be in operation, introduces greater efficiency and speed in the ordering process order processing «.

After the final decision has been published, PT Comunicações will have 20 days to change the RUO as determined by the regulator.

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