Anacom reconfigures rights to use frequencies related to FWA

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Ar Telecom, Novis, Oni, Vodafone, WTS, PTC and Broadnet saw their rights to use frequencies for the exploitation of FWA systems reconfigured.

The issue of reconfiguration certificates was announced today by Anacom and puts an end to the first phase of the action plan outlined by the regulator for reformulating the process of exploring these systems.

The first phase of the process also included the reformulation of the national coverage system in a system spread over several geographical areas and the hearing of licensed entities on the interest in maintaining licenses for the various areas.

In a statement, Anacom explains that the process has allowed the recovery of some spectrum, especially after some service providers have given up their licenses in certain geographical areas.

The excess spectrum will be redistributed in a second phase of the process, which started with the frequency range between 24.5 Ghz and 26.5 GHz. In this regulatory range, it has already been defined that «the allocation of rights to use frequencies will be done through the full accessibility regime, but depending on the presentation of some elements».

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